If it can be done, it will be done;
and done well.
-- Varita Powers.

About Us
When I was a child I loved to make and do things with my hands, often getting myself into loads of trouble!  To find creative uses for my time, I'm sure, was a trial for my Mother.  When I was about to have my sixteenth birthday I asked my Mom and Dad for a sewing machine.  I really don't know what motivated me for that request, but it looked interesting and fun to do.
My birthday came and I opened a beautiful Kenmore sewing machine in the cabinet as my gift, and thought that I was the richest person in the world.  Remember. . . my Mom didn't know anything about sewing, maybe a button on a shirt or a few loose stitches, that was the depth of her knowledge of sewing.  I didn't have anyone to teach me and wasn't taking classes at school that could prepare me, so I decided I would be my best bet.  My Mom was ecstatic to take me fabric shopping.  She bought me patterns, fabric and all the notions I needed to go with it.  Long story short, I was proud of what I made. . . but the next year I took Home Economics and my teacher threw me under the bus when she saw my clothes.  Needless to say, I packed them away deep in the closet and made up my mind to become a great seamstress, and was a really conscientious student (made A+ on all my projects).

Down through the years I married, and made my own wedding dress.  Then I had children, made their clothes, costumes, prom dresses, their wedding attire, etc.  There were productions to make costumes for, ballets to make costumes for, years and years of sewing for people and projects.  I enjoyed all of these thirty-something years of experience in sewing.

Several months ago I began to think about designing bags and other items and started to draw out these thoughts.  From paper, to the cutting table, to the sewing machine and now the creations you see here on my website.  I am enjoying it so much and I am delighted every time I show my new designs to family and friends and see the light in their eyes.  I have even named some after them.

Here I am, in the studio and I can't wait to get back to the cutting table, I just thought of another bag I want to make.  Keep watching to see what new items I bring to this site, it will always be an Agape' Original!

God Bless,
Varita Powers