If it can be done, it will be done;
and done well.
-- Varita Powers.

Rag Quilts - Music

The rag quilt is quilted square by square, sandwiched with a cotton fabric on the top and bottom and flannel at the center. Flannel is used instead of batting because batting comes apart with use and washing, flannel is a fabric and will withstand use and washings. After each square is quilted they are then pieced together with the raw edges of the fabrics sewn to the outside.  After the entire quilt is finished every raw edge is clipped over the entire quilt, giving it the rag edge, for which it is named. With each washing of the quilt it will ravel more, giving it an even more ragged look.  I have some that have raveled to the point that it looks like chenille, very beautiful!!  The Music Rag Quilt is a perfect addition to anyone who loves music.

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